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The highest result of education is tolerance.
Satish Pillangwad
(M. TECH, MBA, PhD Pursuing)

Mr. Satish Pillangwad is the visionary Chairman of Shambhavi’s Academy. A Mechanical Engineer and MBA, currently he is pursuing Ph.D. Doctorate in Construction Management. He embodies the Virtues of “Think Big”, Hard work and Humbleness which is reflected in each and every venture of his. He runs a diversified business empire which has strong roots in Housing, Education and Entertainment. After making his mark in Mumbai through karrm infrastructure and karrm Movies, the proverbial son of the soil has embarked on Mission of making Nanded stand out in India. His Success in creating a world-class coaching academy “Shambhavi’s Academy of Techno-Science” is a testimony to his remarkable abilities and vision.

Message from the Chairman

Dear Parents & Students, first of all, we would like to Congratulate all of you students over there who have scored good marks in 10th results and now ready to the second milestone of your career path, i.e. 12th and NEET / IIT JEE. We would also congratulate you on your resolution to become an Engineer or a Doctor from one of the premier institutes in Maharashtra.

To Succeed in any competitive examinations, you need strong internal motivation. No one can force you to prepare & work hard. Your passion for excellence, ability to learn and expert’s guidance can certainly determine your success in top-level competitive examinations. At Shambhavi’s Medical and IIT Institute, the Systematic Teaching Methodology helps you to gain knowledge, simultaneously it also calculates positive attitude, self-belief and high level of confidence, which is essentially required to qualify in any competitive examinations.

Learning is everywhere at Shambhavi’s Medical and IIT Institute in Nanded and Thane branches, from the fellow students, and throughout the campus that serves as your boarder classroom. Shambhavi’s courses have been carefully calibrated to provide the breadth and depth of knowledge you’ll need to succeed. At the same time, you must inculcate positive thoughts within and always bear in mind that only your own resolution to achieve success is more important than any other thing.






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